"I recently hired Andrew Foster to help me with what other attorneys referred to as a difficult case. From the first meeting, he listened and offered very knowledgable advice. He was always attentive and responsive. His organizational skills and ethics made what others called a difficult case go very smoothly and stress free on my part."

- M.B.

"I needed legal help on a request to modify my permanent alimony payment. I sought a family law attorney that I thought would give me their attention though my case wasn't the case of the century.

Andrew has a small office and when you call or email you are speaking to Andrew. I didn't want a firm that had multi layers, screened phone calls and the like. I also didn't want to get caught in a large firm where I would just be a file folder under a pile of other file folders.

Andrew is "digital" in his communication and record keeping. Shockingly if I sent Andrew an email in the evening, I was expecting an answer the next business day during business hours. Typically I'd receive a reply that night.

We discussed my case opening in the beginning, devised a mutually agreed upon strategy and worked that strategy to a better-than-expected result for me.

I'm hoping that I won't need future family law legal assistance but if I did Andrew would be my first call."


"In January 2014, I decided to seek a divorce after being involved with my ex-wife for 31 years and being married nearly 24 of those years. It was one of the most agonizing decisions I made in my life, but I realized that I needed to place my needs first this time. It took me more than 3 years to come to that decision. I then sought out attorneys that specialized in divorce and was referred by one of my co-workers to Mr. Andrew Foster, who assisted my co-worker in their divorce. I sought an amicable and fair divorce process and was warmed by the consultation I had with Mr. Foster. This assisted me in choosing him as my counselor.

During the consultation, he asked the right questions but what struck me most was him asking if I was sure I wanted to go down this path. That told me he was not just seeking money but was listening as well. He heard my words and the emotions that I still had. The compassion, assuredness and confidence to me he displayed cemented the deal. Although, he wanted to do things his way, because he was involved in 100's of divorce and I was just entering it for the 1st time, Mr. Foster was willing to let things play out in the manner I wanted. Ultimately, I seen that he was correct and if I would have listened it would have probably saved me money and heartache.

There was never no surprises from Mr. Foster. The surprises came from the opposition. I appreciated his payment system and the patience and diversity given to make payments. I would certainly recommend Mr. Foster to others and would gladly utilize his services again regarding wills and trusts. I will never say never, but I don't foresee marriage again for me. If I do, I would utilize his services for a pre-nuptial agreement :-)!"

- V.W.

"A little over two years ago, I made the decision to file for a divorce from my husband at the time, and needed to find an attorney that was unbiased and reasonably priced. After several failed attempts, I stumbled across Mr. S. Andrew Foster's website, and made the call. On our first face to face appointment, Mr. Foster struck me as being very professional, knowledgeable, empathetic, open and sincere. And although male, I felt very comfortable with him; he did not sugarcoat anything, and ensured that all my concerns were addressed. Correspondence was primarily via e-mail which proved to be consistent, convenient and cost effective. Throughout the whole process, Mr. Foster was present, and I especially loved the way he handled himself with the 'other' attorney. I would gladly recommend his services."

- A.M.